How to choose the right consultant for your project

March 27, 2024

How to choose the right consultant for your project:

Tips to choose a better-fit consultant for your project in 2024:

Hiring the right consultant for your project can make all the difference in ensuring its success. However, selecting the right consultant can be tricky as you want to make sure that they have the necessary expertise, experience, and professionalism to accomplish the job effectively. A wrong consultant can cause you unrepairable damage, whether in design or execution. Therefore, evaluating the cost and benefits you get by hiring a good consultant is key to ensure a smooth execution. Perform a thorough check including all online channels and directories such as the Fortender Vendor Directory (a complementary construction companies listing including project highlights) can assist your search and decision.

In this post, we will guide you through a few essential points to consider while selecting a consultant for your project.

To choose the right consultant for your project whether you are building your home,villa or a commercial project. consider these steps.

1-       Locate,Research, Shortlist & Verify:

·       Look for consultants with experience related to your scope (commercial, residential,industrial or others) or similar projects (Villa, G+1, G+12 or more). A mega project’s requirements differ from those of a smaller one.

·       If you’re building your home, you could roam around areas with under-construction projects and note down consultants’ or contractors’ details off the project’s board, if you like their work quality. Research them and ask acquaintances for testimonials.

·       Ask for recommendations from colleagues, industry associations, or online platforms.Search online and use digital platforms, professional networks, and directories(like the Fortender Vendor Directory that features more than 19,000 construction related companies from consultants to contractors and more)

·       Take your time assessing their experience, and personally visit locations of previous projects or even speak to project owners (whenever possible). Most consultants also offer free initial consultations, so make sure to ask all the questions you need.

·       Visit their websites and offices to take an idea about the work set-up and possibly culture and environment.

·       Verify your results and request feedback from official authorities, such as municipalities or other relevant authorities like the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority or others.

·       You can also gauge a company's reputation by monitoring their social media platforms and reviewing their online ratings and customer feedback.

·       Finally, don’t shy off from requesting references of previous clients and speak to them personally. check about their reliability and communication styles, problem solving skills and inquire about any challenges they faced and how they were overcome.


2-       Check Qualifications and Relevant Experience:

·       While shortlisting potential consultants, look for their experience in a similar project while considering their sectoral expertise.

·       Review the consultant's qualifications, certifications and ask for a track record of success in similar projects or industries.

·       Check for relevant experience to your project in terms of size (G+1, a Villa. Etc) and in terms of environment. For example, a consultant who’s experienced in GCC specifications differ from an internationally based engineering consultant.

·       Don’t choose per the design only, you‘ll need to verify their expertise in terms of design as well as supervision. Both are equally important and finding that balance is very important.


3-       Review Proposals and Contracts:

·       Request detailed proposals outlining the consultant's approach, methodology, and deliverables.

·       Carefully review the terms of the contract, including pricing, timeline, and any performance metrics.

·       Check for their financial stability and the years of experience in your market. Remember though,the oldest in the market doesn’t always mean the best. Sometimes this translates into old mindsets and methods, old processes and laid back execution.

·       Negotiate terms, including fees, payment schedules, and any additional costs. Ensure there is a mechanism for addressing changes in scope or unexpected issues.

·       The fees are normally paid per hour, percentage of total budget, or a lump-sum. Think which option will be more effective to you.

·       Remember that a more expensive consultant does not necessarily guarantee better results.However, a mistake in design or execution can have significant consequences on the long run, so try not to compromise on the quality for minimal savings on the consultants’ fees.


4-       Review their Team and Resources:

·       Look for consultants who have a knowledgeable and skilled team with the relevant experience and expertise to deliver your project.

·       Assess if they have access to the necessary resources required to complete the project, such as state-of-the-art tools, software (like the Fortender eTendering and procurement platform for construction that helps save time and money and efforts ensuring project delivery on time and withing budget).

·       Evaluate their team resources as opposed to the number of projects they are working on. The right balance can give you an indication about the execution efficiency of your project.


5-       Clarify Communication & Reporting:

·       Discuss communication channels, frequency of updates, and reporting mechanisms. Some consultants for instance use WhatsApp groups, email communications or other platforms. Choose what works best for you in terms of convenience, speed of response without overlooking the official channels that could be used for future reference, audit trails to avoid any potential for disputes. Fortender offers you the opportunity to oversee the whole tendering and procurement workflows and it features a built-in communication function.

·        Ensure the consultant is willing to provide regular progress reports and is available when needed.

·       A construction project doesn’t happen overnight, asses for the long term. Make sure to assess your consultant’s integrity, communication style, availability and understanding of your needs and finally their ability to adapt to evolving needs for the long run.



Selecting the right consultant for your project is critical, and it requires careful consideration of several factors. By following these essential guidelines, you can streamline your selection process, ensure that you choose the right consultant, and enjoy the benefits of a successful project. So, remember to consider relevant experience, reputation, methodology, resources, and pricing while selecting a consultant, and be sure to ask all your questions, as clarity from the beginning can lead to better outcomes.