Why contractors, suppliers and vendors need to be part of construction networks?

March 15, 2024

Benefits of construction networks, platforms and online directories in growing business and build expansion opportunities.


In an era of intense competition where suppliers and vendors strive to secure and fulfill diverse construction projects, elevating their businesses is crucial for enhancing market standing and participating in larger networks offers a myriad of advantages. The advent of eTendering & eProcurement solutions, exemplified by cutting-edge platforms like Fortender, is reshaping the landscape and offering a multitude of benefits for suppliers and vendors. In this blog post, we unveil the potential advantages that businesses can harness by embracing these innovative digital solutions.

1.     Access & Participation in Tenders:

When a consultant, developer or project owner issue a tender on Fortender, they can choose to send invitations to contractors and other vendors on their own vendor list or via the Fortender Vendor Directory. For contractors and vendors, this means:

·       The foremost advantage lies in the opportunity to receive and participate in open tenders, providing suppliers and vendors with unprecedented opportunities for business growth.

·       Explore and engage in diverse projects that align with your expertise,fostering market expansion and diversification.


2.     Free of charge promotion on an extensive Vendor Directory:

Fortender provides vendors from all different verticals related to construction the opportunity to be part of a large network of construction suppliers.This is a complementary service provided by Fortender, so what’s there not to love! Here is how this can support you as a contractor:

·       Free Marketing: being listed on the directory, contractors have a free marketing online tool that works for them around the clock. One of the companies we are hosting on the VD got over 200 clicks on their profile, just in ONE month!

·       Online Profile and Projects Portfolio: this is an online free of charge space for you to shine and highlight your most distinctive projects and achievements. Do you really want to miss on that!

·       Increased Exposure: contractors and construction vendors or suppliers gain more exposure. Being on the directory increase their opportunity to be found in the crowd. It is like having a second website for your business!

·       Participation in Tenders: Fortender offers consultants, developers and project owners to make their tenders public and in that case send invitations to suppliers on our vendor directory.Therefore, this is a good opportunity for you to receive tender invitations! Sign up today! Here is the link.

Tip: always keep your contact details up to date.


3.     Empowering through RFQ:

Fortender supports eTendering and eSourcing modules, therefore:

·       Fortender empowers contractors to seamlessly request bids from subcontractors through the RFQ module.

·       Contracting companies can employ this model to streamline all their RFQs processes and manage the workflows on one centralized platform.

·       With some companies having to deal with hundreds of RFQs a month, this module can add value, increase efficiency, and save invaluable time.

·       One of the biggest advantages is the instant bid analysis which empowers contractors to evaluate submissions and find the right supplier / subcontractor in a few seconds.


4.     Efficient RFI Communication:

On Fortender, the tender owner has the capability to make RFIs public for all tender participants if they wish. This will help them avoid responding to the same Request for Information multiple times. For contractors or vendors,this means:

·       Centralizing the process of sending, receiving, and showcasing Requests for Information (RFI) among contractors fosters efficient communication.

·       Suppliers and vendors benefit from quicker response times and access to the publicly available RFIs, ensuring they are well-informed and can access the frequently requested information.


5.     Precision with the Digital BOQ Tool:

Fortender offers BOQ templates that can be used directly by consultants,developers and project owners when creating the tender. They do however have the option of adding work packages or use their own BOQ templates as they wish.On the bid submitter side, this means:

·       The digital Bill of Quantities (BOQ) tool ensures meticulous scrutiny and response to every element, eliminating the risk of oversight in the quantity schedule or some of the listed items.

·       Error elimination: using the digital tools can be of a great benefit in reducing the amount of errors resulting from manual data entry.

·       The BOQ tools via Fortender is readily made through the platform for the contractors. Therefore, no need for manual long hours for data entry or formatting.

·       The BOQ tool supports contractors to never miss a BOQ item.  


6.     Remote Working:

Being a cloud-based solution, Fortender enables tender accessibility from anywhere at any time. This means to you as a contractor:

·       The ability to work from anywhere at your own schedule. This flexibility will grant you the advantage of a faster submission by optimizing your team’s schedules. A faster and more efficient submission will translate into higher efficiency.

·       Remote working promotes a better work life balance which will results in enhanced employee’s well-being and good mental health.


7.     Seamless Document Accessibility:

Fortender allows remote working and document accessibility from anywhere(to the authorized stakeholders). This benefits contractors in multiple ways:

·       Easy access to the tender documents on a centralized plat form streamlines collaboration. No need to collect paper tender documents, all drawings and other related documents can be downloaded through the platform.

·       Contractors and vendors stay abreast of the latest specifications and drawings, enabling them to align their offerings precisely with project requirements and any modifications.

·       The ability to upload all the required documents through the platform.

·       Accelerate the submission processes through the electronic document access, download, upload and submission.


8.     Time-Saving Bid Submission Process For Business Growth:

Working from anywhere and the ability for all the stakeholders to work collaboratively on the tender is a true time saver throughout the tender submission stage. This is how:

·       The bid submission process is revolutionized, and the use of the digital tools will help contractors save valuable time and efforts normally associated with manual tendering.

·       Eliminate manual data entry, ensuring a faster, error-free, and more efficient process when preparing and submitting bids and proposals.

·       No time is required for transportation or physical meetings. This valuable time can be used otherwise on what matters; preparing the submissions quickly as possible to ensure staying ahead of the curve.

·       This tool will allow you to work on more tenders due to the time and team contribution savings. More tenders mean increasing your chances to be awarded and hence ensures business growth!


9.     Automatic Bid Deadline Reminders:

The automatic deadline reminder system from Fortender will support contractors in the following:

·       Automatic reminders for bid deadlines provided by eTendering solutions are invaluable to contractors and vendors. Never miss a deadline, and make sure your team is reminded without the need to micromanage them.

·       Timely notifications ensure businesses are well-prepared to meet submission deadlines, maximizing their chances of securing contracts and projects.



As the construction industry evolves, eTendering & eProcurement solutions stand as catalysts for positive change, offering stakeholders throughout the tendering process unparalleled advantages. By being part of large networks like the Fortender Vendor Directory and leveraging these innovative platforms, businesses can navigate the complexities of the procurement process with efficiency, accuracy, and confidence. The future of collaboration in construction is digital, and embracing these solutions positions suppliers and vendors for sustained success in a competitive marketplace.

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