Tendering Management Software

Digitise your Tender Management Workflow

Streamline and expedite the tender preparation process, freeing you from manual tasks and saving valuable time, money, and energy.

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Discover the Power of Fortender's
eTendering Platform


Create a comprehensive digital bill of quantities (BOQ) with ease.


Easily create digital contracts for awarded projects in just a few clicks within a user-friendly interface and electronic signature feature.


Submit and view Request for Information (RFI) queries related to any tender.


Once the tender is closed, the Bid Analysis Report is automatically generated in a table or Excel format, complete with color coding.


Work with your data in whichever format is most convenient for you.


Safely store all of your tender documents in the cloud with our secure cloud document storage solution.


Easy upload and download of documents and drawings, irrespective of file type and sizes.


The built-in communication system is designed to make communication more convenient and efficient within the Fortender e-Tendering platform.

eTendering Benefits
Engineering Consultant-Tendering Platform

Transform Your Tendering Process

Save Time & Reduce Costs

Automate manual tasks and eliminate the need for physical storage, paper, printing, and mailing costs, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced processing time.

Enhance Compliance & Minimize Errors

A streamlined process with fewer errors, especially calculation errors, reduces post-tender disputes and creates a more efficient and effective procurement process.

Make Informed Decisions

A streamlined procurement process provides decision-makers with accurate and timely information to make informed decisions about procurement strategies and supplier selection.

Improve Communication

Better collaboration is facilitated throughout the procurement process with real-time notifications of activity, updated tender details, and timely reminders for submission.

Work Remotely

Access to procurement documents and processes anytime, anywhere, enables remote work from any location worldwide.

Increase Efficiency

Automate procurement processes, such as estimating construction requirements and publishing tenders, saving significant time and effort. This allows procurement teams to focus on the critical project aspect.

Keep your Data Secure

Tender bids remain confidential and secure until the closing date, ensuring the utmost privacy and security for all documents.

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How it benefits you

For Consultants

  • We provide you with ready to use BOQ templates
  • Secure and transparent tendering process
  • Automated bid analysis tool to save you time
  • Invite your own vendors or search through our extensive database of companies
eTendering For Consultants

For Contractors

Get founded and receive more invitations to tenders.

  • Time-saving bid submission process
  • Submit and view other bidders RFIs in one place.
  • Never miss a BOQ item with our digital BOQ tool
  • Never miss a submission with our automatic reminders
Etendering For Consultants-Owners-Developers

For Project Owners

Get full visibility of the tendering process for your project

  • Access your project documents anytime, anywhere
  • Review recommended bids by your consultant
  • Award tenders to your selected bidder
  • Automated bid analysis that is easy to read and compare
  • Generate and sign contracts online

Improve Communication, Increase Efficiency, and Make Informed Decisions

Harness the Power of a Centralized Tendering Source &  Let our Platform be the Backbone of Your Success

Developer-Consultant-Contractor-sub-contractor-tendering process

Boost and IncreaseProfitabilityeading

Avoid the need for unorganized and time-consuming preparation, boost productivity, and increase profitability through a faster and more reliable process.

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