Get answers to common questions about Fortender's products/services

What is e-Tendering?

e-Tendering is the process of conducting tendering activities electronically, utilizing digital platforms and tools instead of traditional paper-based methods.

How secure is the Fortender etendering and eprocurement management platform?

The Fortender-tendering platform incorporates robust security measures, such as encryption protocols for secure data transmission, robust access control measures, MongoDB encryption protecting data stored in our database, and physical security measures within the AWS hosting infrastructure.

How can I create an account on the Fortender etendering platform?

To create an account, visit our platform's website and follow the registration process, which typically involves providing necessary details and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Can I access Fortender E-tendering platform from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can access Fortender e-Tendering Software from your mobile phone. You can carry out all the procurement processes and access everything from your mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.

How can I submit a bid electronically?

Once registered on the Fortender-tendering platform, you can submit bids electronically by following the instructions provided in the tender notice. This typically involves filling out online forms, uploading necessary documents, and submitting the bid before the specified deadline.

How can I track the progress of my tender submission?

Fortender e-tendering platform provides a dashboard notification system where you can monitor the progress of your tender submission, including updates on bid evaluations, contract awards, and any communications related to your submission.

Can I download tender documents from Fortender etendering and eprocurement platform for offline reference?

Yes, you can download tender documents from the platform for offline reference. This allows you to review the requirements and specifications at your convenience without requiring a constant internet connection.

How are payment transactions handled on Fortender etendering and eprocurement platform?

Payment transactions, such as tender fees or bid bond submissions, are facilitated through secure online payment gateways integrated into our e-tendering platform.

Are there any training resources available to help me navigate Fortender etendering and eprocurement platform?

Yes, the Fortender-tendering platform provides training resources, You may just request a demo and one of our business development team will contact you within 48 hours.