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Prequalify Vendors for a Seamless Tendering and Sourcing Experience

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Take Control Of Your Vendors
Pre-Qualification Process

Craft  tailored pre-qualification forms effortlessly using Fortender's builder, guaranteeing optimal partnerships for your business.

Customised Questionnaires

Design tailored pre-qualification forms with specific questions and criteria to evaluate suppliers' capabilities, financial stability, quality standards, certifications, and other relevant factors.

Data Collection

The module allows for easy collection of supplier responses to the pre-qualification forms, ensuring standardised and structured information.

Risk Mitigation

By thoroughly assessing suppliers before engaging in business relationships, organisations can mitigate risks associated with quality, financial stability, compliance, or other crucial factors.

Streamlined Supplier Onboarding

The module facilitates a streamlined onboarding process for approved suppliers, ensuring they meet the necessary qualifications and comply with organisational standards.

Empower your supplier
assessment & streamline business relationships using our robust
Pre-qualification Form Builder Module

Create and manage custom pre-qualification forms or questionnaires tailored to your specific needs

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